Giving back to Charlotte

At Cloverhound, we invest in human resources. We provide health care, 4% 401K matching, paid time off, and family and medical leave. We invest in continuing education and certification for our team. We want to be a place where everyone can grow, and we want to take that same approach to our community.

That’s why we’re taking two steps to serve the Charlotte and Denver communities better. First, we’re introducing non-profit donation matching for our employees to better support the charities and organizations that matter most for them.

Second, we’re announcing “IQ for the QC.” We have the smartest network engineers and developers in the business. We want to use our smarts to give back to our community, so if you are a small Charlotte-area non-profit that needs tech support, we want you to come to us – and we’ll do the work as an in-kind donation.

Enterprise network that isn’t working? Website you haven’t been able to edit? Router that’s sending calls to the wrong place? We want to help.

What We’re Offering: 16 hours per month for 3 months of internet and telecommunications tech support for four qualified 501(c)3 non-profits that serve Charlotte. Non-profits will be chosen based on where we can have the greatest impact: we’re experts when it comes to Cisco products, for example.

What We Want in Return: Nothing.

How You Can Apply: Click here for the application, complete it by May 31, and send it to our Marketing and Community Consultant Sam Spencer at

Fine Print: Selection of applicants is at the sole discretion of Cloverhound, Inc. Not every applicant will be selected. If selected, applicant agrees to be bound by Cloverhound’s Master Services Agreement.