What is your least favorite waiting room?

We’ve had a big month at Cloverhound! Our VirtualCourts™ solution, powered by Cloverhound’s VirtualQ™ framework, is now administering Workers’ Compensation Board hearings for New York State. With over 6000 hearings occurring every week, that’s a lot of gallons of gas saved and a lot less hassle for anyone who would have missed their hearing due to an illness, injury, or accessibility issue.

The key to the #webexceptional platform’s success is our virtual waiting room (you can watch a tutorial here), so we asked our team members about their least-favorite waiting rooms. The most popular answers were pretty obvious: the DMV, doctors’ offices, and government buildings. One recurring theme: Cloverhound’s VirtualQ framework is ready to solve the waiting room problem anywhere.

VirtualQ iMac
More peaceful than a waiting room.

“Department of Motor Vehicles wait times are longer than ever due to the implementation of Real ID. While some people still have to go in person to take a driving test, a lot of us just need to prove we are who we say we are. With support for mobile apps and documents, I wish my DMV had VirtualQ the last time I waited for 3 hours.” – Angelica

“Health care has the worst waiting rooms. I wish Urgentcare had VirtualQ so I could wait from my living room when I feel sick, but not sick enough to go to the hospital.” – Austin

“My least favorite waiting room is our local government center. Public hearings aren’t always at convenient times, and meetings at the government center can involve a two-hour round trip. Often, people waiting in the queue to give testimony have to wait another week if they don’t get called. VirtualQ would speed up the public hearing process while allowing people who still want to participate in person to do so.” – Sam

“Waiting in line at the Social Security office when my wife wanted to change her name took forever. VirtualQ could have let us wait from home while using Cisco Webex’s secure end-to-end encryption to handle sensitive identity documents.” – Jeffrey

I agree with all of the members of our team – especially about the DMV. If you’d like a more in-depth look at the solution, check out Cisco’s Webex blog. If you’d like to demo a solution built on our VirtualQ framework, let us know – VirtualQ’s potential is limitless.