Doubling Down on 2017 in New York City

Every year when the clock strikes Jan 1, two exciting things happen as a business owner. First, you get the chance to start reflecting on your past year and next you get to really put the new years execution plan into action. Through the Q4 of 2016, I started to realize how truly special this team is and what our trajectory can really be like over the 5 year long-term starting today. Before I talk about 2017, I want to point out a couple high points of 2016 for the team.

  • Ended the year employing 11 people full-time and have already added more in the new year
  • 401K with matching was implemented company wide in Denver and Charlotte
  • We broke 1.5M in revenue for the first time!
  • was launched and we have our fist customers operating real call centers on the platform
  • We re-launched to accurately reflect our brand
  • We implemented back-end and operational personnel in order to gain some organization
  • We starting picking up traction in our local markets of Charlotte and Denver.

This was made possible through our amazing team and our amazing partners who believe in us. Thanks!

That being said, with the success we had last year and our forecast for this year, we are doubling down on 2017! Your probably wondering, “what does that even mean….”

It means expansion and hiring!

Let’s talk about expansion before we talk about hiring. We have been really fortunate to operate mostly through travel and remotely in the past few years, but we have really picked up steam in the upper northeast this past year. We are doing work in NYC, Albany, NJ and Boston, with a high count of partners in the area. Because of this I am officially announcing our expansion to NYC this year!!

NYC is the melting pot of America and has built countless opportunities for people and businesses alike. We are proud that we will be able to serve our customers and partners in the upper northeast with local resources!

This moves me straight into Hiring. We will be putting all these jobs on the blog and but I will give a brief overview here in case any interested readers want to reach out ahead of time.


  • Solution Architect – The SA role will answer directly to me, and will be responsible for architecting Cisco and Software solutions for our customers. This covers everything from a Cisco UC solution to custom mobile apps, with websocket backends tying in lots of enterprise app’s through API’s. You don’t have to be the greatest coder in the world, but understanding all the technologies associated with DEV is going to be a must. This is not a traditional Cisco SA role, but a traditional Cisco UC SA who is a coding in their spare time may make a good fit.   — This role is available in NYC, Charlotte or Denver. (Remotely for the right candidate)
  • QA Lead – We are developing a whole lot of software nowadays between Zomnio and our other applications. We need someone to own the testing of our applications and the quality of our releases. This role would preferably be located in Denver with most of our developers.
  • UC / CC Engineer – We have lots of Cisco UC clients in the upper northeast This engineer would preferably have 3-5 of experience with UC and CC and really loves being in front of customers. They should be able to own things like UC Greenfield, UC upgrades, small UCCX deployments and hopefully video technologies. Any coding or UCCE experience is a bonus. This role is in New York City only.

We will add these jobs with more detail shortly to Indeed and our blog. As always you can reach me directly at in email or Cisco Spark if you have any questions.

This is going to be an exciting year and we can’t wait to embark on it with our partners.