Mobile Alert Kit Announcement

In preparation for Cisco Live, I was determined to come here with a cool demo of the type of technology we create in the cloud.  It pleases me to announce that we have created the Cloverhound Mobile Alert Kit.   What the heck is that you ask?

The mobile alert kit is an open platform that ANYONE can use to send ANY TYPE of alert to a person’s mobile device.  We have created mobile apps for iOS(out now) & Android(coming out later this week) and an open rest API that any developer can utilize to send messages.  Here are a few quick examples of how we are using the technology.

 Check our the webpage here!

Voicemail – The number I have on the webpage, 980-247-0007 let’s you leave a message for yourself.  It is hosted by Tropo and will let you leave a message, have it transcribed and delivered to your mobile device.

RTMT – We have created an adapter that pushes any RTMT updates through our mobile apps.

Self Service CC – We have create a demo that lets a user call into a fake banking transaction and request a banking statement.  The statement is then pushed over to the end user at the end of the transaction using our rest API and the users mobile number.

As you can see its completely up to you to build what you want with the kit, we have just given the tools to do so.  I have personally spent a lot of time the last month on this and am really excited to hear how you plan to use it. Below is a screenshot of my app right now.


Currently this is an alpha, so the platform is still being worked on.  If you have a use case you need it stable for, just ping me and we will sort something out.  Also, if your interested in including the technology in your already existing app, we would be happy to help with that too.

Lastly, if you want to use the API you will need a TOKEN.  Right now that only way to get that is to sign up through the mobile and contact me ( for your token.  I will email it back.