Taking The Next Step

I am excited to announce that Cloverhound will no longer be just my blog, but also the soon to be newest Cisco partner specializing in Unified Communications and Call Center.   Thanks to many new clients, I have the opportunity to finally open a specialized Unified Communications and Call Center engineering and program management practice focused on large, customized installations across the globe.  Beginning this summer I will start to expand the Cloverhound team beyond just myself which is the real driving force behind this, to build a special group of people that love what they do as much as I do so we can deliver amazing solutions to our clients.

For an entire decade now I have focused on Voice over IP and Call Center based on Cisco Systems.  It’s been the only professional job I have ever had.  Before this I was an awful server at a Chili’s, a UPS Package Loader (small sort baby),  Kroger’s pricing dude, bussed tables and there was about 2 years where partying was nearly a full-time job(19 and 20).  I was actually pretty good at doing the price changes at Kroger’s though… that’s my fallback.

The last 10 years have been quite different then the previous jobs I held, I have been fortunate enough to work for excellent companies such as CDW, Presidio, Touchbase, Speech-Soft, Pomeroy IT Solutions and all of these companies have been fantastic places for me to learn as an engineer and grow as a person.  I truly thank each one of those companies and the individuals that hired me through the years.

Cloverhound will initially be focused on delivering professional services in the unified communications and call center space, but we will be looking to launch 2 cloud based UC products this fall.  This is the part of the business that really gets me excited since there is still a large hole in the market for cloud based services that actually make good financial sense for the consumer.

I am really excited about this and if you think you can help in any way feel free to reach out to me at cstachowicz@cloverhound.com