CTI Finesse Plug-in

Drive agent efficiency to serve customers faster

Run your Cisco Finesse Agents fully embedded in Salesforce & the ServiceNow® Platform.

Experience the CTI Finesse Plug-in today.

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CTI Finesse Plug-in

For Salesforce

Enhance the customer experience and sales process with a plugin that encourages follow-up, engagement, and efficiency.

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CTI Finesse Plug-in

For the ServiceNow® Platform

Empower your digital workflow with a one-two punch of integration and automation.

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CTI Finesse Plug-in

For Zendesk

Serve customers and handle tickets with speed and accuracy - all with CTI Finesse Plug-in functionality.

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CTI Finesse Plug-in

For your preferred ticketing system

Drive efficiency with a system that will adapt to your team ticketing system of your choice.

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Why Cloverhound's CTI Finesse Plug-in is the Industry Leader


Improve agent accuracy and enhance the customer experience with automated screen-pop.


Cisco CTI Finesse Plug-in functionality embedded directly within the ServiceNow® Platform provides an optimized and efficient agent workflow.


Streamline outbound calls for efficiency and engaging customer experiences with intuitive click-to-call functionality.

Zero Footprint

Save time, energy and resources with no additional equipment to purchase or software to install.


Experience Cloverhound’s well-recognized customer service and support.

CTI Finesse Plug-in

Seamless Functionality in a Single Pane

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