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Efficiency, Security & Visibility for telehealth engagements at scale.

Empowering medical professionals and patients with innovation and simplicity. It’s meeting today’s demand for virtual services where we need them most - patient health and wellness.

Open API

Open API for scheduling and case management workflow.

Robust Doctor Dashboard

Visibility into appointments and check-in status; ability to screen share, take snapshots, add a nurse, doctor, or translator instantly.

Advanced Waiting Rooms

Includes patient view and mobile device chime.


Case notifications via the app, email and SMS.

Easy End User Experience

Safe, secure, browser-based WebRTC for easy end user experience.

Admin Features for Efficiency

Status field for triage or administrative processing.

Deliver an easy-to-use telehealth experience from any location.

Cloverhound Connect is an innovative, award-winning, and trusted experience that’s easy and safe to access on a variety of devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Cloverhound Connect for Healthcare

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